SecureSky's Microsoft Office 365 security and compliance assessment protects your Office 365 environment from attack!

Why should I do an Office 365 Security Assessment: 

  • I have compliance mandates that must be meet this year.

  • I have to validate that my current Office 365 security controls and configuration are in compliance with today's best practices.

  • To complete a remediation plan that will disrupt attackers in many phases of the Kill Chain, stopping Business Email Compromise (BEC) and Account Takeovers (ATO). 
  • Will help you to make sure you are using all of the Office 365 tools you are licensed for correcting to get best protection from compromise. 


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Click here to read SecureSky's most recent blog 12 Foundational Security Controls for Every Office 365 Environment and learn more about SecureSky's knowledge of Office 365 Security.  

SecureSky's Office 365 Security Assessment will: 

  • Have NO impact on your IT security operations or your users.

  • Deliver findings based on the (CIS) Security Foundations Benchmarks, NIST CSF, and SecureSky's 12 Foundational Security Controls.

  • Present prioritized remediation recommendations based on licensing levels estimated level of effort and estimated impact on users.

  • Show you how to fully leverage your current licenses and tools to gain maximum protection without increasing cost.


Get a sample assessment today to get started!

What our customers are saying:

"SouthernCarlson is pleased to partner with SecureSky. We were concerned with the security of our Office 365 tenant, most notably our ability to defend against and withstand email compromise, account, and tenant takeover attacks. SecureSky’s support in hardening our environment, as well as continuing to validate and enforce the standards put in place and respond to ongoing threats, has been invaluable."

Norm Kromberg, Vice President Information Security

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