Let us show you how SecureSky’s experience will help fast track your Microsoft Azure Sentinel deployment and enablement.  

A SIEM is expensive, complex and takes years to properly build:

  • Not the case with Azure Sentinel - spot the needle in the haystack for low cost and no commitment.
  • The obvious choice for companies on Azure-first infrastructure or heavily dependent on O365. Also good for analyzing security data across your entire hybrid organization - on premise or from any cloud.
  • Let us show you how SecureSky’s experience will help fast track your Azure Sentinel deployment and enablement

Click here for more detailed Information or to see our video describing our complete Managed Azure Sentinel offering. 

You should consider Microsoft Azure Sentinel if: 

  • You currently don’t have a SIEM or threat detection for your cloud environment 
  •  You have an on-premises SIEM platform that lacks modern  capabilities to address new cloud based attack vectors 
  •  You use Azure and or Office 365, but also want to have security  monitoring  across a multi cloud or on-premises instances
  • You’re interested in using in more automated approach to driving down cost and alert fatigue 


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What our customers are saying:

“After many frustrations with the performance and operations of traditional SIEM offerings, we were excited to see what Microsoft & Azure Sentinel could do for our security program.  From our first meeting with SecureSky it becomes clear that Azure Sentinel was different from the traditional SIEM technology we had been growing frustrated with. Its flexibility and its direct integration with our Microsoft environment provided us the perfect starting point to build out a more modern and comprehensive approach to securing our environment.  The SecureSky team has a deep understanding of Sentinel and our partnership is now allowing us to take full advantage of its capabilities to better protect our environment.” 

   Jeremiah Miller, Director of IT at Mennonite Central Committee        MCC Logo