Managed Azure Sentinel Solution

Cloud-native protective security to stop threats before they disrupt your business! 

Azure Sentinel is your view across the enterprise and SecureSky’s team of cloud security experts will be there each step of the way to stand up and optimize Sentinel in your environment. Azure Sentinel will make your threat detection and response smarter and faster with artificial intelligence (AI), eliminate security infrastructure setup and maintenance, elastically scale to meet your security needs and reduce costs.

SecureSky provides expert-level resources  that use Sentinel to assist  with detection, investigation, response and to analyze the threat source and improve protection to prevent a recurrence.

See how SecureSky can:

  • Design, build and configure your Sentinel cloud instance
  • Design a short and long term cost effective log storage schema
  • Optimize alerting rules for threat hunting and investigation
  • Setup playbooks to automatically run when an alert is triggered 
  • Customized MDR services that fit your security program